About us

Who we are

We’re a small, distributed team, with our headquarters located in Mumbai, India. Our team has come together through the passion of solving complicated problems, through design & development.
Our previous experience in the IT sector showed us that honesty, loyalty, and respect for employees and clients should always be in the first place.

we managed to unite our passion for excellent products and create a company where secure, effective, and fast development practices combined with a clean, modern, and remarkably beautiful design.

A Testament to quality

A good reputation is hard earned and easily lost.  Fabstudio understand that products which we create or maintain are essential to our customers’ day to day lives. We are focused on delivering a leading quality service in the shortest possible time for our customers. 

We believe in making  our commitments clear to the customer, and delivering at the first time of asking.

You are in good company

Values that hold us true

Respecting each other

We shoulder the happiness of our employees and clients by treating everyone with dignity.

Growing together

We are just like trees in the forest, our professional and personal growth is fast thanks to positive competition.

No one is fighting alone

We never leave our teammates to address a challenge by their own. We help each other and act as a team.

Clear communication

With the team and the clients. We speak about the objectives and expectations. And never leave a room for misconception.

Eliminating chaos

We defeat the chaos through well-regulated and tailored project execution processes.

Teamwork, not man-hours

Our value is team’s knowledge and experience. We deliver full-service webdesign and don’t accept an outstaffing business model.


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